On Mon, 26 Jun 2000 10:16:22 +0200, Sven Bauhan wrote:

> I formerly used seminar.cls to produce foils for presentations. Now I
> want to power up my foils using TeXPower.
> Therefore I tried to use my old slidepagestyle as you can see in the
> attached file. However the heading of my slidepagestyle seems to be
> overlaped by the slide background. It blinks only once when a new page
> is presented. How can I make the heading to be shown on my slides?
> As you can see the foils also have a white left margin. How can I get
> rid of this?

I suspect your pdftex.def is too old and doesn't define
\pagecolor (try \pagecolor in a document where color, but
not texpower is loaded).

texpower contains a mock-up for \pagecolor which is
activated in this case, but that can lead to
exactly those problems you're experiencing.

Download a new version of pdftex.def from


and try again.

> P.S.: How can I make the foils start immediately in full screen mode?

You need the hyperref package to do that.




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