On Fri, 30 Jun 2000 10:33:14 +0100 (BST), Sven Bauer wrote:

> Setting the option display with the documentclass powersem seems to cause the 
> positioning of text to switch from vertically centred to top.
> I thought the option display was meant to affect only "dynamic" features.

Well this is a dynamic feature (of sorts :)

Vertical centering will cause slide contents to `jump up' when
something is revealed using \pause (with TeXPower, that is, 
because the remainder of the slide is never seen by TeX; PPower4
uses a completely different mechanism).

It's not very much of an incompatibility, I think.

seminar defines a switch centerslides; with seminar the
default is \centerslidestrue; with powersem and display
option the default is \centerslidesfalse.

You can get the seminar default back by adding 
\centerslidestrue to the preamble of your document.
If you want only non-incremental slides to be centered,
you can set \centerslidestrue for specific slides only.


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