I want to report a conflict between the colormath option of texpower and
pdfscreen. It issues an error message at the compilation of the title:
! Missing # inserted in alignment preamble.
<to be read again>
l.47 \maketitle
Proceeding with the compilation (pdftex 0.14f) works all right but the
title is incorrectly typeset (author field typeset justified rather than
centered). I include a sample (faulty) source below.

I also want to report a conflict with the most recent version (v6.70f) of
hyperref (even without the colormath option)
Runaway argument?
\\{\addButton {\buttonwidth }{\@Panelhomepagename }}\\ \pfill \Acrobatmenu \ETC
! Paragraph ended before \href@split was complete.
<to be read again>
l.33 \tableofcontents

Gérard Degrez


\title{\Large Numerical simulation of inductively coupled plasma flows and
hypersonic (re-)entry flows}
\author{G.~Degrez, D.~Vanden~Abeele, P.~Barbante\\%
{\small\code{\texttt{[EMAIL PROTECTED]}}}%
\stepwise{At their entry into a planetary atmosphere, (re-)entry vehicles
experience severe heating \step{
\origmath{\Rightarrow} they are protected by \emph{heat shields}
made of \emph{Thermal protection materials (TPM)}.}}\pause

Prior to use, TPMs must be tested in \emph{ground-testing
facilities} generating thermal loads comparable to flight, i.e.
\emph{plasma generators}. \pause

There exist two main types of such ground-testing facilities:\pause
        \item  [arc-jet wind tunnels] \step{allow to reproduce flight Mach

        \step{\item  [ICP wind tunnels, aka Plasmatrons]} \step{produce
plasmas of
        high chemical purity.}

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