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> I have a small question and need some tip:
> Let's assume that you have some slide with 20 overlays. In the middle of
> the talk, we decided that we should't present that one. Is it possible
> to make some key combination to pass that slide without press enter 20
> times?

Using hyperref, you can define something like 

tsf{Complete Page}}}}}

nextpage}{\fbox{\normalsize\textbf{\textsf{Next Page}}}}}

where \eosequence will create a button pointing to the
completed (current) page and \nextpage will create 
a button pointing to the (completed) next page.

If you wish to go to the beginning of the next page, you
have to klick on the button created by \eosequence and then
advance one page with acroread.

Of course, when you are using a package like pdfscreen or
pdf/ifmslide which allows to customize panels, you can put
much nicer-looking versions of these buttons into the
panel, otherwise you have to put the buttons into the 
headers or wherever it's convenient.

I'm planning to add more sophisticated support for 
navigation to TeXPower (something like PPower4's
firstpage target pointing to the beginning of a sequence,
and also support for making thumbnails), but unless
there's very much demand for this (at least making a 
target like beginningof.page.n which works like 
page.n but points to the first page of the sequence
is easy), this'll have to wait until the first beta
release of TeXPower.


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