>Of course, when you are using a package like pdfscreen or
>pdf/ifmslide which allows to customize panels, you can put
>much nicer-looking versions of these buttons into the
>panel, otherwise you have to put the buttons into the
>headers or wherever it's convenient.
>I'm planning to add more sophisticated support for
>navigation to TeXPower (something like PPower4's
>firstpage target pointing to the beginning of a sequence,
>and also support for making thumbnails), but unless
>there's very much demand for this (at least making a
>target like beginningof.page.n which works like
>page.n but points to the first page of the sequence
>is easy), this'll have to wait until the first beta
>release of TeXPower.
What I would find nice is something that could replace the "go to" button
in pdfscreen to get to the beginning (or end) of a (real) page. But I guess
that would require to use an Acrobat form feature, right? But, no worry,
that can wait for sure.

Gérard Degrez

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