On Fri, 25 Aug 2000 16:31:59 -0600 (MDT), Thomas Harke wrote:
> Recently I tried adding an index to a series of lecture notes and
> the hyperlinks don't work.  I'm compiling with pdflatex 0.13c,
> hyperref 6.70q and the latest texpower/powersem

First of all, sorry for the late reply. I never ever made an index
for a seminar document and was surprised it works at all ;-)

> The reason seems to be indicated by one of the hundreds of warnings
> that look like this:
> : [194]
> : Warning (ext1): destination with the same identifier (name{page.5}) already 
> : sts!
> : \new@pdflink ...Hy@SaveLastskip \pdfdest name {#1}
> :                                                   \@pdfview 
> : l.4310 \end{slide}

The reason for this does not lie with TeXPower, but with
a misunderstanding between seminar and hyperref when the
default setting plainpages=true is used: For constructing 
page anchors, hyperref employs the counter "page" which is
used only for notes by  seminar. Slides are counted with
the new counter "slide".
When setting plainpages=false, hyperref uses \thepage,
which is redefined appropriately by seminar to yield
the value of "slide".

> Of the almost 200 pages generated all are assigned a page number between
> 1 and 5.   The references to pages 1-5 in the index work, but go to the wrong
> page, while references to higher pages do nothing. 

I wonder why you're getting numbers 1-5 at all, normally
the page counter stays at 1 ;-)
I assume these are note pages (maybe the index itself).

Summa summarum, the following simple example works for me
(running pdftex):








If you have problems adapting this to your own
document, please call again :)

> For as long as I remember using texpower I've had these warnings, but
> had ignored them since they had no effect on the output.

Even with plainpages=false, there'll be a lot of
redundant warnings about destinations on pages
which are displayed incrementally, owing to a 
quirk in pdftex. There's a new pretest version 


which was just announced to remedy this problem
(I'm not planning to install it just for testing
this out, so I'll be happy to hear from anyone
who does).


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