[First of all, to all readers of this list who are wondering
whether maybe TeXPower development has died in July: v0.9
is underway, but at this moment, I'm putting the final touch 
to my PhD thesis and giving a lecture, so I have very little
spare time for development. I'm afraid the next release will
have to wait for Feb 2001, when the winter term ends.
If anyone feels daring enough  and competent to read the raw code, 
I'm willing to privately send the current development version,
which seems to be stable enough (at least I'm using it for
my lecture slides), but no documentation and no support
at all.
For the same reasons, my answering time on this list is 
slow at the moment; I'm trying to reduce my email backlog,
but without much success :-| ]

On Wed, 08 Nov 2000 13:08:20 +0100, Pascal Kockaert wrote:
> I'm trying to use \pageDuration in order to animate some part of a PDF file. 
> What I do is to put \pageDuration{0} on pages which have to change quicly

Better use something like \pageDuration{0.01}; it seems a value of 0
will cause flickering on some configurations while a positive
value will cause acroread to always wait until a page is built
completely before switching screens.

> then put a \pageDuration{} to stop the evolution. 
> Unfortunaltely, the page doesn't change when viewing the file in acrobat
> reader 4.05b. 

Yes, after asking on the pdftex list and in comp.text.pdf,
I have it from the experts that this is indeed a bug in all
4.05 versions of acroread (I personally tested about 10 variants
on 4 systems). When I need animations, I use acrobat (the
commercial product) or acroread 4 (without .05). Unfortunately,
acroread 4 seems to have problems extracting fonts on Linux
(never had problems with acroread 4 on Sun Solaris systems).

> So, my questions are :
> - is this a feature/bug of Reader which can't be avoided ?

see above

> - is there a more powerfull command than \pageDuration that could force a
> break in the file ?


> More generally, is there a way to animate some part of a picture without
> using /Dur ? I mean something like animated gifs or png equivalent or
> embedded java code ?

Might be. I think I heard of an "animated png" variant, but I don't
remember whether it really exists or is only planned, and whether
acroread and pdftex support it. Maybe you'll get a competent 
answer from the pdftex list or the newsgroup comp.text.pdf.
The adobe website also has a forum, but the one time I looked
into it, it seemed to have a very low level and not to be read
by developers.


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