On Wed, 07 Feb 2001 16:37:04 +0100, Beaubert Francois wrote:
> My latex preamble looks like this:
> \documentclass[a4]{seminar}
> \usepackage{color}
> \usepackage{pifont}
> \input{seminar.bug}
> \input{seminar.bg2}
> \usepackage[colorlinks,urlcolor=red]{hyperref}
> \usepackage{fixseminar}
> \PassOptionsToPackage{lightbackground,sans,fixcolorstack}{texpower}
> \usepackage{texpower}
> ...
> with the fancyheadings package the header (text and rule) is in black
> (!?)

Unfortunately, your code is far from providing a working
example of the effect you mention.

If I extend it like this:





and compile with latex+dvips+distiller, then everything is
blue as expected. When I compile with pdflatex, then everything
on the first page is blue as expected, and on the second page
everything (including body) is black.

This is a problem ultimately caused by the fact that seminar's
output routine stems from the stoneage of LaTeX, when the
color package didn't exist.

Using the current development version of powersem (attached)
instead of seminar will cure this somewhat, because it defines
a patched output routine. But you have to leave out 
because they will overwrite powersem's changed output routine.
powersem loads these anyway before applying the patch.

> and the footrule is brown (it should be blue)

As I said, for my example it's black. Could you post
a complete (minimal) test example?

> sometimes the rule in array are brown to

Are you sure this isn't a `trick of the light' or some
anti-aliasing effect? Did you look with maximal

If yes, please post a complete (minimal) test example.

> I got this with or without the option lightbackground, fixcolorstack

These shouldn't have any influence here, unless
you're using dvips.


  Stephan Lehmke                 [EMAIL PROTECTED]
  Fachbereich Informatik, LS I   Tel. +49 231 755 6434 
  Universitaet Dortmund          FAX              6555
  D-44221 Dortmund, Germany             
% File: powersem.cls
% Make seminar ready for the Third Millennium ;-)
% This class loads seminar and tries to fix some problems which occur when trying to 
create dynamic presentations with
% the texpower package. 
% Some new features helpful for dynamic presentations are also added.
% This class is part of the TeXPower bundle, to be found at
% http://ls1-www.cs.uni-dortmund.de/~lehmke/texpower/
% The TeXPower bundle also contains a package fixseminar.sty which applies some more 
fixes, in particular for
% hyperref. These can not be applied here because they have to be made after hyperref 
is loaded.
% Autor: Stephan Lehmke <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
% v0.1 Oct 18, 1999 First version. So far it doesn't do much more than load seminar.
% v0.2 Mar 28, 2000 Force seminar to treat \paperwidth and \paperheight in a sensible 
% v0.3 May 10, 2000 Added option `calcdimensions'.
% v0.4 Jun 16, 2000 Now separates text from footnotes when option `display' is given.
% v0.5 Jun 26, 2000 \@colht is ignored by seminar, which is bad. Added a patch to 
%                   calcdimensions now handles slide frames.
% v0.5a Jul 03, 2000 The footnote patch with option display effectively disabled 
setting \centerslidestrue. Fixed.
% v0.6  Sep 05, 2000 seminar's \output@slide kernel copied and modified for better 
color handling and to remove some
%                    overfull \vbox warnings.



[\filedate\space Create online Presentations with seminar. v\fileversion]



% The display option is understood by all relevant classes and packages from the 
TeXPower bundle. It means that
% `dynamic' features are to be turned on.
% There is a boolean register display (as defined in ifthen.sty) which is set by this 
option and can be used to
% differentiate between slides for display and slides for printout.
% Notes are disabled automatically.


% The KOMA option tells powersem to load scrartcl (from the KOMA suite of document 
classes) instead of article.


% We need to redefine the a4paper option which is broken in seminar.cls


% The calcdimensions option tells powersem to automatically calculate slidewidth and 
slideheight from paper dimensions
% and margins.





% Now we need to hack a little to make seminar load scrartcl instead of article (if 
the option KOMA was given).



% Make \PassOptionsToClass and \LoadClass use scrartcl...


% Furthermore, seminar redefines \paperheight and \paperwidth, saving their value in 
\sem@paperheight and
% \sem@paperwidth. We undo this so the paper dimension calculation of typearea can be 


% Finally, the seminar class and some bug fixes are loaded.




% Make some changes in the seminar kernel to hopefully get better handling of text 
colors and avoid overfull box
% warnings when \slidetopmargin and \slidebottommargin are set too small.

      \hoffset=-\inverseslidesmag in
      \voffset=-\inverseslidesmag in
      % \oddsidemargin, \evensidemargin, \headheight, \footheight
      % used for scratch:
      % Some page styles like to know \textwidth:
      \setbox\@slidebox=\hbox to \@tempdima{{%    All double {{ around box contents 
added for better color handling (STL)
        \vbox to\@tempdimb{{%
          \vbox to\headheight{{%
           \slideheadfont\relax%\strut         Removed (STL)
          \hbox to\textwidth{{\hss\box\@slidebox\hss}}%
          \vbox to\footheight{{%
             \slidefootfont\relax%\strut         Removed (STL)
    \stepcounter{page}% <=== This will seriously upset notes! (STL)

% When producing slides to be displayed interactively, we must make absolutely sure 
that interactive building of slides
% doesn't move text which has already been set. So slides are not to be centered. 

        \@begindvi % added 1997/04/15 SPQR
      \setbox\@slidebox\vbox to \slide@vsize{{%
        \@begindvi % added 1997/04/15 SPQR

% If powersem is asked to calculate the slide dimensions...


    \advance\slidewidth by -\slideleftmargin\relax
    \advance\slidewidth by -\sliderightmargin\relax
      \advance\slidewidth by -2\slideframewidth\relax
      \advance\slidewidth by -2\slideframesep\relax
    \advance\slideheight by -\slidetopmargin\relax
    \advance\slideheight by -\slidebottommargin\relax
      \advance\slideheight by -2\slideframewidth\relax
      \advance\slideheight by -2\slideframesep\relax

% Local Variables: 
% fill-column: 120
% TeX-master: t
% End: 

%% End of file `powersem.cls'.

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