I apologize for taking so long to respond. I wanted to test on several
different computers first.  I concocted an example.  When I
process this (using pdflatex) on my somewhat aged PC, all of the rules in
the table, and also the fraction bar in the displayed equation, come out
in green.  The text is in blue.  When I try the same experiment on a newer PC,
the lines do look blue.  Furthermore, I see the same results when I simply
use the color package (without texpower at all) and set the text color to
So I now believe that this
phenomonon has more to do with the graphics adapter than with any tex
code.  This probably is true for others who are seeing these wierd colors.


Quoted mail:
> Cliff Bergman wrote on Wed, 07 Feb 2001 10:22:04 +0010 (CST):
>> In
>> fact, all of my rules (for example, in tables) come out in green.  (I'm using 
> the default
>> background).  As near as I can figure the green is the "mathcolor" for the
>> whitebg.  However, since I am not using the colormath option, nothing in
>> math mode is coming out in green.
> It's hard to believe this. I just searched for the string
> "mathcolor" in texpower.sty, and apart from the color
> definition, it only occurs in code which won't even be
> defined in case the colormath option isn't given.
> Could you post a minimal, but complete test example which
> exhibits the effect?

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