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LaTeX2e <1998/12/01> patch level 1

Document Class: powersem 2000/07/03 Create online Presentations with seminar. v

Document Class: seminar 1997/10/13, 1.4
Document Style: `seminar' v1.4 <1997/10/13> (tvz)

Document Class: article 1999/01/07 v1.4a Standard LaTeX document class

seminar.bg2: various corrections for the Seminar document class added since sem
inar.bug (waiting Seminar 98)
(Version 1.7 of <May 22, 1998> (D.G.))


Using the test file below, I get a message:

Underfull \vbox (badness 10000) has occurred while \output is active

for each slide when using the display option on powersem, but not
without it. The \centerslidesfalse should, AIUI, ensure that nothing
has moved between the two. 

It is not down to the options passed to seminar class becuase the only
thing that it passes in this example is slidesonly, and when I use
seminar with slidesonly the problem is non-existant. I explicitly
include seminar.bug, seminar.bg2 and fixseminar.sty

It seems, from this statement of the symptoms, that there is a very
limited place for the problem to lie - there is a small piece of code
in powersem.cls that uses the display boolean - but as I can't
understand what it is doing, I am not able to offer a fix.

On a separate matter - as seminar is effectively unmaintained (in that
new versions are not issued AIUI), and there are a number of fixes
required to make it play happily with other packages, why not, with
the author's permission, just reuse the seminar code (but fixed) and
make powersem a whole class rather than merely a wrapper around
seminar. Seminar.bug and .bg2 could be applied immediately and I
imagine that the problem that causes the need for fixseminar could be
solved. Backward compatability issues would be removed, because
powersem is not yet a stable package, and changes could be made before
it becomes so.

On yet another note, I am developing material for printing and
presenting, and it would be nice to be able to use \centerslidesfalse
as a class option, and conversely, to be able to use the display
option as a command. This latter would allow me to predicate use of
display on whether I am processing for DVI or for PDF. I guess this
may depend on integration of seminar.cls though.









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