>> "SL" == Stephan Lehmke <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

SL> Peter Riocreux wrote on 27 Feb 2001 10:48:09 +0000:
>> Underfull \vbox (badness 10000) has occurred while \output is
>> active

SL> Yep, these over/underful vboxes are a pain ;-)

Thanks for the fix - it stomped them good and proper.

Still a load of overfulls which I can't isolate, but I *think* are
related to an interraction of seminar and fancyheader.

>> On a separate matter - as seminar is effectively unmaintained (in
>> that new versions are not issued AIUI), and there are a number of
>> fixes required to make it play happily with other packages, why
>> not, with the author's permission, just reuse the seminar code (but
>> fixed) and make powersem a whole class rather than merely a wrapper
>> around seminar. Seminar.bug and .bg2 could be applied immediately
>> and I imagine that the problem that causes the need for fixseminar
>> could be solved. Backward compatability issues would be removed,
>> because powersem is not yet a stable package, and changes could be
>> made before it becomes so.

SL> Yea, this is exactly what I'm planning to do.  But to be honest,
SL> currently powersem is no more than a bundle of patches I
SL> absolutely need to go along with developing TeXPower. I'll abstain
SL> from doing anything more substantial before the first beta release
SL> of TeXPower is out. This is more important to me right
SL> now. TeXPower works with all classes, so noone really needs to use
SL> powersem, it's just that I'm a seminar addict ;-)

Since I wrote what I wrote above, I have realised that almost all of
what I really use from seminar could be produced by having an
environment (slide) that starts a new page and sorts out text sizes
within it. There is the complication of slide frames (which I don't
personally use) and header and footer size on slide pages, but it
doesn't sound insuperable. I guess for the headers and footers you
could just have a pagestyle and switch to a different \geometry for
slide pages or something. Hmmmm, I might see what I can hack
together...if I ever get a moment.

SL> As soon as TeXPower is out of the phase of developing the
SL> absolutely neccessary functionality, I'll start earnestly with
SL> powersem.

Okay, here are a couple of TeXPower bugs.. :~}

When animating a picture using \stepwise

1. If a step contains elements that are of the form:


rather than 

\put(0,0){\color whatever

Then each step moves *very* slightly to the right, so overlaying
things of different colours fails. If you change all the statements to 
the second form, they do not move. I found this because xfig writes
them in an order dependent on what you did with an object (i.e. if you 
changed its colour last, that will be the outermost term)

I haven't had the time to see if this is really texpower's fault, or
to reproduce it simply - but thought I would throw it in in case
anyone else has seen it.

I think the same thing also happens if the picture causes an overfull

2. The last frame in an animation always moves a mm or two to the left
   for me.

Also there is the 

Warning (ext1): destination with the same identifier (name{page.19}) already exists!
\new@pdflink ...Hy@SaveLastskip \pdfdest name {#1}
                                                  \@pdfview \[EMAIL PROTECTED]

problem when animating - again this may not be texpower's fault, but
it might be able to make the label based on the frame in an animation
as well as the page number.

Lastly, when using powersem I get:

Document Class: seminar 1997/10/13, 1.4
Document Style: `seminar' v1.4 <1997/10/13> (tvz)
Document Class: scrartcl 1998/07/17 v2.5e LaTeX2e KOMA document class
Package: typearea, Copyright (C) Frank Neukam, 1992-1994 
                   Copyright (C) Markus Kohm, 1994-1997

Package typearea Warning: Bad DIV-value!
(typearea)                You should decrease DIV, increase fontsize or
(typearea)                change papersize.


Now from the nesting of the parens here I guess this is a seminar
problem which manifests itself when use of the KOMA option means that 
scrartcl is used instaead of article.

This is another where I am not sure whose problem it is (thinking
further it may be a powersem bug actually, and therefore not in line
for a fix.

SL> But this is a non-trivial task, because seminar has so much
SL> functionality which I don't ever use. I never use notes or
SL> articles, so both are likely already broken in powersem by some
SL> `patch' to the main slide-making parts.

SL> Probably the first step will be to make a `powersem light' which
SL> has only the functionality for making presentations.

As I sort of hint above, after many years of using seminar, and a few
months of powersem, my instinct is to perhaps try to maintain
compatibility without actually using much, if any, code. I think also
that it should perhaps be a style instead of a class, minimising what
has to be written, and maximising portability.

>> On yet another note, I am developing material for printing and
>> presenting, and it would be nice to be able to use
>> \centerslidesfalse as a class option, and conversely, to be able to
>> use the display option as a command. This latter would allow me to
>> predicate use of display on whether I am processing for DVI or for
>> PDF. I guess this may depend on integration of seminar.cls though.

SL> I'm not sure I understand what you mean.

The \centerslides was a red herring here, as that *can* be done as you 
suggest, but AFAICT, you cannot replace:




I want to wrap the \display inside \ifpdf.



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