Karsten Tinnefeld wrote on Thu, 15 Mar 2001 13:05:43 +0100:

> When you examine fulldemo.pdf carefully at pages 69ff, you see that high-
> lit is in fact moved in the paragraph "Inside a paragraph, we can 
> highlight text without influencing line breaks." I am not quite sure 
> whether this is only a result of the spacefactor or maybe 
> \highlighttext adds extra glue.

In fact, this effect occurs in almost every case where text
is added to or removed from a line of `free' text, also in
the `fill-in-the-blanks' and `backwards' example.

Personally, I take this to be an ideosyncrasy of acroread,
which apparently tries to optimize the appearance of a line,
creating slight differences in character positions and stroke
thicknesses depending on which characters are displayed.

I couldn't reproduce the movement with ghostview (neither for
ps nor pdf) or xdvi, but then again it's hard to verify such
things with a viewer clearing the screen between frames...

Anyone care to make screenshots and calculate the `true'
difference with an image manipulation tool?


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