I wrote some slide to emphzise some text in example texts. When I go to
the section
Anordnung im Mittelfeld I am at the end of the slide series of slide 2.

I would expect that the bookmarks send me to the beginning of the

Another problem is the comment package. I am preparing slides for a
linguistics talk and there I have to present example sentences. I plan
to have a printed version of the slides that contains more examples than
I give in the presentation. To reach this I use the comment package,
define the environment `handout' and exclude it with excludecomment.
This breaks powersem. As far as I understand it, excluded comment stuff
should be deleted without any effect.

Does somebody know what to do about this?

Thanks and greetigs






% pstricks + color (fixes)

\newcommand{\blau}[1]{{\color{blue} #1}}


\pdfbookmark[1]{slide 1}{one}
slide 1
\pdfbookmark[2]{Anordnung im Mittelfeld}{anordnung-mf}

\item freie RS verhalten sich wie ihre Relativphrase
Sie hat, \step{
was sie geschenkt bekommen hat,} 
sofort in den Schrank ge\-stellt.

Schon heute muß, \step{
wer harte Informationen oder lockere Unterhaltung haben will,}\step{}
        blechen, portionenweise, (c't, 10/96)

% \begin{handout}
% In NRW kann, %\step{
% wer nichtvolljährige Kinder hat,%} 
% die wöchentliche Arbeitszeit %\step{}
%       verkürzen oder sich beurlauben lassen. (taz, 20.03.97)
% }
% \end{handout}



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