Ross Moore wrote:
> No.
> The way TeXpower works, you get a bookmark entry for every partial
> page. These all have the same name, so it is only the last one
> that makes it into the PDF, as it overrides the previous ones.
> This occurs naturally, when you combine hyperref and texpower;
> there is no extra coding in TeXpower to affect this.

I see. Maybe this should be changed in hyperref than.

> > Another problem is the comment package. I am preparing slides for a
> > linguistics talk and there I have to present example sentences. I plan
> > to have a printed version of the slides that contains more examples than
> > I give in the presentation. To reach this I use the comment package,
> > define the environment `handout' and exclude it with excludecomment.
> > This breaks powersem. As far as I understand it, excluded comment stuff
> > should be deleted without any effect.
> >
> > Does somebody know what to do about this?
> Yes; create a separate document for the handouts,
> using a package such as  pdfpages  to import just the complete
> pages from your slide presentation.

No, this does not solve my problem. Right now I have to versions of the
document: one with \includecomment{handout} and one with
\excludecomment{handout}. The handout version is then passed through
4up, but this is not the point. The point is that the comment style is
broken by texpower.

This is what I get:

Package texpower Warning: Package soul not loaded.
(texpower)                Command \highlighttext disabled on input line

[1] (/usr/share/texmf/tex/latex/base/omscmr.fd)
! Argument of \xComment has an extra }.
<inserted text> 
l.45 }

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