Ross Moore wrote:
> Your examples as given are not complete:
> Would you please provide a complete, self-contained example;
> preferably cut-down to the minimum possible that still exhibits
> the bad behaviour.

Okay, sorry. Here it is:






\newcommand{\blau}[1]{{\textcolor{blaucolor} #1}}



 head$|$subj & \bstep[\value{step}=1]{\ibox{1}} \\
 subcat      & \ibox{2} \\
 vcomp       & \bstep[\value{step}=1]{\ibox{1}} \\
\item new selection feature {\sc vcomp}
\item subject of the embedded verb and the subject of the auxiliary are
\item complements of the embedded verb get complements of the auxiliary
\item the auxiliary takes the verb + its complements

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