On Sat, 09 Jun 2001 23:52:29 +0200, Stefan Müller wrote:
> When I give a complex command to step having activatestep and
> hidestepcontents defined, I get:
> [152]
> ! Argument of \ibox has an extra }.
> <inserted text> 
>                 \par 
> l.4327 }

The problem seems to be in the definition of \blau:

> \newcommand{\blau}[1]{{\textcolor{blaucolor} #1}}

\textcolor takes two arguments. With your definition,
the first token in #1 (which is \ibox for the first
\bstep) will be taken as the second argument of 
\textcolor, leading to considerable confusion...

Changing the definition to


remedies this. The resulting file compiles well, with
some `control problems'. When several \step commands
are executed at the same time using the optional
argument of \step, texpower's simplistic timing
mechanism for steps gets confused.

Changing the second \bstep to \rebstep and the first
\step to \restep seems to remedy this.


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