On Thu, 21 Jun 2001 18:03:41 +0200 (CEST), Peter Münster wrote:
> Hello, does anybody use texpower together with the prosper class?  I would
> like to use some dynamic features (for example "\stepwise") of texpower, but
> don't know how, so any help would be very much appreciated!!

I installed prosper just now :)

When trying to use prosper with texpower, a problem similar
to pdfscreen's slide environment occurs: Apparently, prosper
puts the whole contents of the slide environment into a box.
>From inside a box, \stepwise cannot access \shipout, which is
necessary for the ddynamic build process.

The solution is the same as for pdfscreen: Put \stepwise
outside \begin{slide}...\end{slide}.

The result of my first experiment with prosper can be found


It requires a bit of fiddling and there are still some quirks
(like repeated bookmark entries), but I hope I can sort this
out for the 0.0.9 release. There will be a full-blown prosper
demo then, in any case.

If you have specific questions, feel free to ask here
(quoting the problematic code, please).


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