Dear TeXPower users,

I am currently having some troubles when generating my PDF presentation
with TeXPower+hyperref+powerseminar using both dvipdfm and pdftex under

In particular, I am using a 280mm x 210mm papersize to emulate the 4:3
aspect ratio of common screens while still printing fine in A4 copies
(297mm x 210mm), and the fancyhdr package.

My problems are as follows:

      *dvipdfm does not produce any page transistion.
      *pdftex does not show any header.

A small test is attached (test.tex/1561B). To compile through both ways
just replace automatically word <pdftex> by <dvipdfm>...

Thanks a lot in advance for your response...


Francesc Serra-Graells
Design Department
Institut de Microelectronica de Barcelona (IMB)
Centre Nacional de Microelectronica (CNM-CSIC)
Post: Campus Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, E-08193 Bellaterra, SPAIN
Tel: +34 93 594 77 00
Fax: +34 93 580 14 96

% test.tex
%Slide Layout for Fullscreen (4:3)
%and printable in A4 (297mmx210mm)
%Headers & Footers
\lhead{Header comes here\dots}
\lfoot{\dots and footer here.}
% pdftex Specific
% Document
This is the first slide\dots\\
\dots and this is the last one!\\

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