On Mon, 25 Jun 2001 17:37:18 +0200, Francesc Serra Graells wrote:
> My problems are as follows:
>       *dvipdfm does not produce any page transistion.

That's not a TeXPower problem, but a communication
problem between (your version of) hyperref and 
dvipdfm. TeXPower uses hyperrefs pdfpagetransition
and pdfpageduration keys to set the respective
effects. At the beginning of this year, no implementation
for these keys existed in hyperref's dvipdfm driver.

In February, a suggestion for implementing these
keys for dvipdfm was sent to the hyperref maintainers.
I don't know what the current state of affairs is,
but I'm forwarding this email to them, maybe one
will report on the proceedings.

>       *pdftex does not show any header.

Maybe you could specify the nature of the problem.
When I run your file through pdflatex, I see both

Quick advice: Install new versions of all 
relevant files (pdftex, hyperref, pdftex.def)
and try again. If the problem persists, send
me the log and pdf files produced.


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