On Fri, 14 Sep 2001 18:28:37 +0300 (EET DST), Tarik Kara wrote:
> \pageDuration{0.01} solved my problem but when I use \pageDuration{0.01}
> then autoadvance does not work with Acrobat Reader 5 

There's an amazing trick to this: turn on `automatically advance
every ... pages' in the full screen settings dialog.

Of course, then all pages without page duration key will get advanced
after the time set in the dialogue.

Mindbogglingly, the people at adobe managed to think of another
booby trap for people trying to earnestly use this feature:
while older versions of acroread have no problems to let you
set the advancing time to 3600 seconds (approaching infinity
for lectures), the maximum is 60 (!) seconds for acrobat 5 :-(

One remedy is to set a large page duration (say 546) at the
beginning of your document. Then every page has a duration key
and the setting in the dialogue is effectively ignored.

Unfortunately, 9 Minutes 6 Seconds is all the time you'll
get for one slide; for a setting of 547 and above (arbitrary,
isn't it?), at least here there seems to be some kind of overflow
and acrobat 5 goes into `fast forward' mode :-(


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