> Hello,
> I recently discovered TeXpower are beginning preparing
> some slides. However I run into problems:
> (powersem.cls, brand new pdflatex and seminar.sty, not so brand new LateX)
> When I pdflatex the attached file I get many warnings like
>   Non-PDF special ignored!
> (and no lightbackground and colormath)

This usually means that one of the packages you are using produces
\special commands for PostScript rather than for PDF.

If that package has a .cfg file or a pdftex driver option,
then you should adjust your coding to specify that pdfTeX
is being used, rather than dvips .

If there is no such option available, then you just have to
live with it. Is there anything noticeably missing from the
PDF files that you are producing ?
If not, then you can safely ignore these warnings.

> and when I try to load hyperref (v 6.71) I get some warnings
> I have never seen before (otherwise pdflatex and hyperref works nicely
> even with musixtex and arabtex)
> ! pdfTeX warning (ext4): destination with the same identifier (name{page.1})
> ha
> s been already used, duplicate ignored
> <to be read again> 
>                    \penalty 
> l.31 ...{Ein} \emph{Beispiel} in \step{Walisisch}}
> What goes wrong here? The provided examples work fine too.....

2 (or more) partial page-builds are getting the same name:  page.1
This is a natural consequence of what TeXpower does.

The warning is harmless.
I think it can be suppressed in a later version of pdfTeX and/or texpower.sty ;
however you can safely ignore it with earlier versions.

Hope this helps,

        Ross Moore

> Thank you
> Johannes

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