On Thu, 11 Oct 2001 08:59:27 +0200, Gérard Degrez wrote:
> Or else, insert a next page button on your slides, e.g. in the footer:
> \Acrobatmenu{NextPage}{\color{your favourite color}%
> \scalebox{.8}[1.4]{\ensuremath{\blacktriangleright}}}% You need 
> amssymb package!
> If you so desire, you can include additional buttons to go back one 
> page, to the first page, last page ...
> See pdfslide.sty fpr inspiration.

I'd just like to mention that the current development version of 
TeXPower offers predefined buttons
\backpagebutton, \backstepbutton, \gobackbutton, \nextstepbutton,
\nextpagebutton, \nextfullpagebutton, \fullscreenbutton.


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