> > I recently discovered TeXpower are beginning preparing
> > some slides. However I run into problems:
> > (powersem.cls, brand new pdflatex and seminar.sty, not so 
> > brand new LateX)
> > 
> > When I pdflatex the attached file I get many warnings like
> >   Non-PDF special ignored!
> > (and no lightbackground and colormath)
> Ross Moore has already given some valid comments.
> Let me add that it indeed looks like some of your .cfg files
> are confused. Have you been able to sort this out by now?
> For the time being, you could add the global option
> pdftex to the documentclass command. This should override
> any settings from .cfg files.

Yes, I found a solution: On the system was somewhere a
color.cfg which was leftover from a old graphics-package.
It loaded the dvips-driver. If I use
\documentclass[pdftex]{powersem} it works nice.
However: On my Linuxbox at home, I did not need the
option [pdftex]. But I have not yet looked for color.cfg there.
Possibly it doesn't exist, so it didn't pose any problem.

The problem with hyperref.sty, however, remains: Many warning of
page-numbering problems (without any impact on the result, though)
(see the example file I have sent some days ago, I can resend it,
if you need)

Thanks a lot for the help to the first problem!

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