I'm using texpower 0.0.9a from the preview directory together with

I have the following problem when using powersem 0.6 (also from preview):
if I define a new pagestyle, it seems to be ignored.  In the example
below, the page number is shown in the middle, but no lines etc. If,
however, I use seminar together with seminar.bug/bg2 and fixseminar, the
pagestyle is used.

Any idea how to solve this problem?


Stefan Becuwe



%\input seminar.bug
%\input seminar.bg2




\centerslidesfalse              % Text not centered
\slideframe{none}               % No frame borders
\raggedslides[2em]              % Semi-ragged-right text
\slidestyle{empty}              % No labels
\rotateheaderstrue              % Header and slide orientation



  just a test


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