i'm having some problems with the powersem/ifmslide combination
(texpower: v0.0.8f Jun 27, 2000; powersem: v0.5a Jul 03, 2000;
seminar: v1.4 <1997/10/13>). Please see the attached file for an
example file showing them.

1) \panelposition{outsidebottom}: 

Under certain circumstances (by far the worst: selection of the
'display' option of powersem) the navigation panel gets lost somehow
(not displayed or not drawn...)

2) The interplay of the powersem options a4paper, landscape, and KOMA
seems to be buggy (this is no real problem for me)

It would be great to have outsidebottom with display.

Thanks for texpower.

P.S.: What's the status of texpower? It seems that there is no ongoing
work since mid of 2000.

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