Hi all,

sorry for being sluggish on the list again.

Alas! The Real Life!

Still, TeXPower is by no means a `dead project', in spite 
of some statements in this direction ;-)

I hope I'll have time to do some catching up these days
(though my second child is due end of april :-))

On 06 Mar 2002 07:40:37 +0100, Henrik Holm wrote:
> [Henrik Holm]
> >  I discovered that, for certain combinations of words, the
> >  text jumps a bi up and down.
> Alan Williams advised me to use \parstepwise instead of
> \stepwise.  This seems to cure the problem! 

The problem is as follows:

Using the `vanilla' stepwise makes the non-active steps
disappear completely.

Try "\step{one} and \step{two} and \step{three}" to see what
I mean.

In particular, no blank space is left for the non-visible
things. This is more robust in a lot of respects, so it is
the standard behaviour. It is good for displaying list items,
equations, picture elements etc.

Inside a paragraph, however, it can lead to problems. You have
experienced one: the vertical position of a line in a paragraph
depends on the height and depth of the text in the paragraph.
When things are displayed by (the standard version of) \step,
this height and depth can change when high or deep text appears.

\parstepwise is made especially for this purpose: the `invisible' 
things don't disappear completely, but blank space of the right
dimensions is left for them. This remedies this kind of problem.

> I've also read
> some more in the «fulldemo», and according to that document,
> text wobbling seems to be a known problem.

That's another problem: LaTeX is sometimes `too smart' when 
calculating vertical placement of lists and the like, with
the result that the calculation yields different results
for different iterations of \stepwise, making lines wobble
vertically (but for a different reason than your problem).

As \parstepwise is not suited for displaying lists, there exists
another variant \liststepwise which will hopefully remedy 
this kind of problem.

Alas, sometimes only trial-and-error helps. As I have a lot
of experience with this kind of thing by now, the list is 
indeed the right place to ask. And I promise to try answering
more promptly in the next time :-)


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