[Ross Moore]

>  [Henrik Holm]
>  > In many cases, the math coloring works nicely.  However, with
>  > one of my most common ways of displaying equations, it does
>  > not work!  I have included an example -- it isn't strictly
>  > «minimal», but it shows several types of math, some of which
>  > get colored, some don't.  I haven't been able to find a
>  > pattern of which equations do and which don't.
>  Load the packages in a different order!
>  > \documentclass{article}
>  > 
>  \usepackage{amsmath}  %%  make sure this comes *before* TeXpower...
>  \usepackage[colormath]{texpower}
>  %% \usepackage{amsmath} %% .... not after it!

Sadly, this doesn't do the trick -- as the (now minimal)
example reveals.  But the example is also capable of showing
that it is amsmath's «fault».

But thanks, I apparently need to be reminded that it is wise
to load texpower very, very late.




Here is some displayed math
and an equation
  x = y + z
The equation doesn't get colored when amsmath is loaded (even if it is
loaded before texpower).

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