On a Mac  OS 9.1 using Textures 2.1
Your minimal  example works no matter where the amsmath package is 
included, if you intended the text to be blue, and the math to be green.

However, in the first and longer example, all the displayed math is in 
green except for this one

$$   a = b + c  $$       %<----this will give blue math, so no color change

but if you change the delimiters to:

\[                        %<--- this will give green math 
a = b + c  

and you will get all the math in green for your example,
so the macros seem to work in my configuration as long as you don't use
$$...$$ for displays.
I am using these versions of amsmath, and texpower:
Package: amsmath 1997/03/20 v1.2d AMS math features
Package: amstext 1996/10/28 v1.2b
File: amsgen 1996/10/29 v1.2b

Package: texpower 2000/06/27 Create Dynamic Presentations with LaTeX. 
Package: ifthen 1997/11/02 v1.0n Standard LaTeX ifthen package (DPC)
) (calc.sty
Package: calc 1997/11/11 v4.0e Infix arithmetic (KKT,FJ)


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