[Henrik Holm]

>  [Stephan Lehmke]
>  >  I've made a micro-update of texpower 0.08f which
>  >  now checks for amsmath 2.x. This is also updated
>  >  in the development version of texpower 0.0.9b at
>  >  http://lrb.cs.uni-dortmund.de/~lehmke/TeXPower/preview/texpower.sty
>  Sorry for the delay -- I'm working very batch-wise nowadays
>  and I haven't been writing any presentations lately.
>  Your fix works great!

Hm.  It turns out that your math coloring fix doesn't work
perfect:  Amsmath implements an equation* environment, which
works in exactly the same manner as the displaymath
environment (I suspect it actually is an alias) in creating an
un'numbered equation.  The peculiar thing is, displaymath gets
colored, but equation* doesn't.

(Naturally, it is not a very big deal, since I can use
displaymath instead.)


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