So, I was booting into gentoo yesterday and, instead of my beautiful 
desktop, I got an error message informing me that Nautilus couldn't be 
started (I'm using gnome 2.4). XServer starts up ok, and I can login 
with the GUI, I just can't make it to a normal desktop. 
  Well, thought I, something messed up with gnome, so, worst-case 
scenario is I have to reinstall gnome. I messed around with trying to 
figure things out for awhile (by killing xserver and using the text 
interface) and couldn't fix it, so, I figured I would go ahead with 
reinstalling. And this brings me to my big issue: when I say something 
like "emerge sync" or "emerge gnome" or "emerge [anything]" I get a 
Segmentation Fault. This is a problem. I've tried to find out what is 
going on, but I'm at a loss. Do I have to reinstall my entire OS, or 
does anybody have any idea what is going on here?

Robert Dickerson

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