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Hi folks,
If you are a computer linguistic geek or simply a real programmer at 
heart (which, I think, is the very reason why you are on this mailing 
list) you should come to the TSLUG meeting tonight. Ian?s mentioned it 
already, but here again: he and I are going to spread the word why Ruby 
rocks. Ruby is an awesome programming language entirely built upon the 
concept of objects. While I just was astounded and exited when learning 
Perl (because of its many features), Ruby just exceeding any of my 
expectations when it comes to syntax and oo concepts. So you should 
come to the Meeting tonight to make up your own mind about me (and Ian) 
being simply just freaks or Ruby just being a language that rocks. I 
thing Ian thinks similar on that issue, after all he is the object 
oriented fan.?

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