I have posted an update of the RC1 release following Ron Gavlin's helpful
comments on tuscany-user
See  http://people.apache.org/~kelvingoodson/sdo_java/RC1a/

I have now managed to produce detached .asc files (--detach-sig), and for
the moment I have experimented with creating a combined spec and impl source
distribution,  but I think Jeremy may have some thoughts on why it may be
better to stick with two separate archives.

I have began jotting down important points on creating the release at
-- it's very raw and I need to revisit some steps to recors the important
points,  but I'll keep improving it as this process goes on.

Regards, Kelvin.

On 22/09/06, kelvin goodson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

I have posted a set of files as release candidate 1 of Java SDO at

I'm sure there will be some issues with them.  One thing I have run out of
time to figure out is how to get a short
signature file using gpg, so the .asc files are rather big.  If anyone
wants to post some help on how to do that, that
would be great.

Best Regards, Kelvin.

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