This is interesting, I’d just advise to put full examples and more 
documentation on how to use it (the articles are a bit too detailed).
Also, you should not mention “column families” but just tables.

Was this used to generate a schema used for production?
Do you think it’s possible to generate test code to validate the workload?

Jacques-Henri Berthemet

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Michael Mior
Sent: mardi 9 mai 2017 17:30
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Subject: NoSE: Automated schema design for Cassandra

Hi all,

I wanted to share a tool I've been working on that tries to help automate the 
schema design process for Cassandra. The short description is that you provide 
information on the kind of data you want to store and the queries and updates 
you want to issue, and NoSE will perform a cost-based analysis to suggest an 
optimal schema.

There's lots of room for improvement and many Cassandra features which are not 
currently supported, but hopefully some in the community may still find it 
useful as a starting point.

Link to more details and the source code below:


If you're interested in trying it out, don't hesitate to reach out and I'm 
happy to help!

Michael Mior

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