While this is indeed a problem with DSE, your problem looks related to CJK 
Lucene indexing, in this context I think your query does not make sense.
(see CJK: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CJK_characters)

If you properly configured your indexing to handle CJK, as it looks like you’re 
searching for Chinese, using wildcards with CJK does not make sense. 中 can be 
considered as a word, not a letter, so partial matches using wildcards don’t 
make sense. Also, CJK analyzer is indexing bi-grams, so you should search for 
pairs of characters.

Jacques-Henri Berthemet

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This is a question for datastax support, not the Apache mailing list. Folks 
here are more than happy to help with open source, Apache Cassandra questions, 
if you've got one.
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Hi ,

In my table, I am having few records and implemented SOLR for partial search 
but not able to retrieve data.

SELECT * from revall_book_by_title where solr_query = 'language:中';
SELECT * from revall_book_by_title where solr_query = 'language:中*';

None of them are working.
Any suggestions.

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