Hi Nandan,

Interesting project!

One thing that helps define the schema is knowing what queries will be made
to the database up front. It sounds like you have an idea already of what
those queries will be. I want to confirm that these are the queries that
the database needs to answer.

   - *What are the current details of a book?*
   - *What is the most recent update to a particular book?*
   - *What are the updates that have been made to a particular book?*
   - *What are the details for a particular update?*

Do the above queries sound correct and will the database need to answer any
other queries?

With regards to the data being stored; how frequently do the books get
updated? What type of details are stored for an update, as in, is it meta
information about the book (author, publish date etc) or is it changes to
the book content? Answers to these questions impact the schema structure.

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On 15 May 2017 at 16:36, @Nandan@ <nandanpriyadarshi...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi ,
> I am currently working on Book Management System in which I have a table
> which contains Books details in which PRIMARY KEY is book_id uuid.
> The requirement is to create DB in which we have to keep data of Updated
> values as well as which user update the particular book details and what
> they update.
> For example:-
> id:- 1
> Name: - Harry Poter
> Author : - JK Rolling
> New Update Done by user_id 2:-
> id :- 1
> Name:- Harry Pottor
> Author:- J.K. Rolls
> So I need to update the details of Book which is done by UPSERT. But also
> I have to keep details like which user updated and what updated.
> I hope, I am able to describe my scenario in details. Please suggest on
> above scenario.

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