On 2017-05-16 05:27 (-0700), Shalom Sagges <shal...@liveperson.com> wrote: 
> Hi All,
> Hypothetically speaking, let's say I want to upgrade my Cassandra cluster,
> but I also want to perform a major upgrade to the kernel of all nodes.
> In order to upgrade the kernel, I need to reinstall the server, hence lose
> all data on the node.

That sounds unpleasant - really the case that you can't upgrade a kernel 
without wiping data? Even AWS ephemeral instances can handle a reboot in place 
without ephemeral drive reset?

> My question is this, after reinstalling the server with the new kernel, can
> I first install the upgraded Cassandra version and then bootstrap it to the
> cluster?
> Since there's already no data on the node, I wish to skip the agonizing
> sstable upgrade process.
> Does anyone know if this is doable?

Not supported, and not generally a good idea.

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