I didn't find the story discouraging so much as just pragmatic, Piantelli has 
papers, reproducible experiments and decades more experience than Rossi. Even 
Rossi's head start / foundation was built on Piantelli's research and any new 
efforts by NASA or other entities are much easier to justify based on 
Piantelli's research than Rossi's. Due diligence puts Piantelli over Rossi 
regarding risk mitigation. I still wish Rossi luck with his financial 
enterprise but it is going to take a national lab to finally understand and 
optimize this effect.

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Hello Group,

Have a read at Krivit's latest blog post here:

NASA Advances Evaluation of Piantelli’s LENR Research
Short URL: http://goo.gl/Ei9jW

(which is quite interesting and I recommend to read it entirely, 
although that partially goes outside the scope of this thread).

Excerpt from the end of the article:

> On Sept. 5 and 6, a team comprising representatives from an investment group 
> and NASA visited Andrea Rossi’s showroom in Bologna. The team went there with 
> an explicit agreement about test parameters and opportunities to observe and 
> evaluate Rossi’s claims. They did not observe any positive results.

This isn't very encouraging news. Assuming that Krivit's sources are 
correct, could this be the reason why Rossi is repeatedly denying any 
involvement with NASA? Or maybe it's Krivit's misinterpretation of the 
actual happenings instead?


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