There is NO evidence that Rossi's newer generation E-Cats have ever or will
ever explode. Rossi has maintained that in the event that they melt down
that they simply stop producing heat.

If you happen to be on Rossi's invitation to see his 1MW plant, by all means
take whatever precautions you like to keep safe. But to suggest Rossi is an
idiot who might kill the "top scientists" witnessing his invention is just
plain silly. Pressure gauges are a few dollars, and I'm guessing Rossi knows
how to use one. He might even employ a burst disk or pressure relief valve!

Some of you believe there is no reaction, others believe that the reaction
is wildly unstable. Rossi says there is a reaction and he can extract at
least 6x COE. Seems like we need a good parimutuel betting website where we
can put our money next to our opinions.

- Brad

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