Strawberry Perl is my go-to package for getting a sane development
environment in Windows. Just today, I was trying to install App::Ack on an
old Dell, and found Strawberry Perl very helpful in the process. Compiling
modules with C extensions like ack requires
which doesn't work so well in Windows.

I've been using GNU make for
Windows<>with limited
success, but often I come across errors related to DOS vs
cygwin paths, that works just as well in Command Prompt as it does in Git
Bash <>?

Any chance we could distribute this make.exe as part of Strawberry Perl? If
not, I host a simple project for producing and hosting MSI one-click
installers <> for make, I'd be happy to
point this to a new improved make if someone can help me develop it.


Andrew Pennebaker

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