Hi everyone,

I apologise now if this is the incorrect list for this email.
If it is, simply point me to the right place.

I attempted to install blacksand on my backup box and couldn't make it work.
My backup box is quit old, its a dual cpu mendocino celeron machine with only 256 meg of ram.

The system fails to install on any of the three boot options from the opening grub? menu. The actual error -- can't take a screen shot -- is just after the kernel turns off dma on the cdrom and then declares that it cannot find the file system and drops to a very limited shell.

Interestingly, when I tested this same machine in november last year with the test iso it all worked. However I do understand that blacksand is almost a completely different beast to that installer.

I hope this is useful to anyone working with the installer. I am happy to try other tests and iso's if it will assist the installer team.


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