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2011/11/16 Derick Rethans<der...@apache.org>

On Wed, 16 Nov 2011, Christian Grobmeier wrote:


we have missed a report.
Hmm, I didn't see a reminder notice at all actually. I wonder why not?

In addition I don't see very much activity on this podling.

Are there still active people in this project? If so, please speak up.
Sortofish... we are really small, and it seems we got a bit more on our
plate since the code was donated. As far as I know, the project is right
now mostly in "support" mode rather than "let's write lots of new code".

Maybe somebody else has a different opinion?


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the last reminder i got, was August 2011

But yeah, its not as active here as planed. Most people have more to do
with work and related currently.

I think too, that this project is already in "support" mode, but that we
were not able to make a release yet is nothing good. We should at least now
removing all blocking Tickets for this.
Fully agree. I have no idea how many people are on the list, but it seems most of them are in "sleeping mode", ie. have little time to devote to the project, except for the bugfix of their interest.
To the outside world, the fact that there has been no release since the 
migration is not good pr.
Maybe if there was one, we could start at least a bit of an ad campaign.
the second thing i noticed. We need some plan for people who want
contribute new components. In best case someone, who guide them throught
the whole process and send them to the right place and person, if questions
For outsiders it often looks, like we are not interested in new components,
this should change.
Agree here too (see my recent post about a webservices-client component, that 
gathered only 1 response so far).

Also, we should start a review of components that miss a maintainer, and make it more clear who the maintainer is for each one, so that responsibilities are better delineated, and possibly people get more committed.
And maybe have a kind of "board" made of components maintainers that takes 
decisions about release dates and similar topics?


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