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> Daniel Fahlke wrote:
>> 2011/11/16 Derick Rethans<der...@apache.org>
>>  On Wed, 16 Nov 2011, Christian Grobmeier wrote:
>>>  Guys,
>>>> we have missed a report.
>>> Hmm, I didn't see a reminder notice at all actually. I wonder why not?
>>>  In addition I don't see very much activity on this podling.
>>>> Are there still active people in this project? If so, please speak up.
>>> Sortofish... we are really small, and it seems we got a bit more on our
>>> plate since the code was donated. As far as I know, the project is right
>>> now mostly in "support" mode rather than "let's write lots of new code".
>>> Maybe somebody else has a different opinion?
>>> cheers,
>>> Derick
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>>>  the last reminder i got, was August 2011
>> But yeah, its not as active here as planed. Most people have more to do
>> with work and related currently.
>> I think too, that this project is already in "support" mode, but that we
>> were not able to make a release yet is nothing good. We should at least
>> now
>> removing all blocking Tickets for this.
> Fully agree. I have no idea how many people are on the list, but it seems
> most of them are in "sleeping mode", ie. have little time to devote to the
> project, except for the bugfix of their interest.
> To the outside world, the fact that there has been no release since the
> migration is not good pr.
> Maybe if there was one, we could start at least a bit of an ad campaign.
>> the second thing i noticed. We need some plan for people who want
>> contribute new components. In best case someone, who guide them throught
>> the whole process and send them to the right place and person, if
>> questions
>> occur.
>> For outsiders it often looks, like we are not interested in new
>> components,
>> this should change.
> Agree here too (see my recent post about a webservices-client component,
> that gathered only 1 response so far).
> Also, we should start a review of components that miss a maintainer, and
> make it more clear who the maintainer is for each one, so that
> responsibilities are better delineated, and possibly people get more
> committed.
> And maybe have a kind of "board" made of components maintainers that takes
> decisions about release dates and similar topics?
> Bye
> Gaetano


Same for me. Not such time for this, but in touch to sell a Zeta Components
powered soft. I'm waiting for business.
Have we done some concurrency comparison to find a good idea of missing
component ?

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