2012/4/20 James Pic <james...@gmail.com>:
> I love this idea ! Make zeta components a coding standard rather than a
> centralized repo of libraries is kind of the holy grail for me ...
> In that case I only see one issue: dependency management. How should the
> user specify that he wants this and that component of this or that version ?
> What if a user wants to depend on a component in its trunk version, or even
> from his personal fork ? It should be super easy if we want people to fork
> and issue pull requests.
> I am not aware that PEAR is capable of installing stuff directly from
> github, like pip does for python*. I eared compozer would be able to do
> that one day.
> I think it's worth the experiment.
> Regards
> *
> http://blog.yourlabs.org/post/19725807220/django-pinax-virtualenv-setuptools-pip

I think we should keep this thread focused on the migration of Zeta to github.

Feel free to change the subject to match the topic better.

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