Could you review the updated fix:

The fix includes support for resolution variants loading by getImage() method for built-in toolkits using the following media resolution naming scheme (qualifier, scale): ("@125pct", 1.25), ("@150pct", 1.5), ("@200pct" or "@2x", 2), ("@250pct", 2.5), ("@300pct" or "@3x", 3).


On 25/08/16 05:39, Philip Race wrote:
FWIW I think the most important image loading use case
is that some generic resource loading code - perhaps JDK code - will get a URL for where the resources are and go hunting. It is never going to call this API .. so
it had better be an optimisation and not a necessity


On 8/24/16, 5:24 PM, Philip Race wrote:

Were  the existing Toolkit.getImage(String/URL) APIs not enhanced to
do this for you automatically ? I suppose I thought they were but
they can't be since you are using getImage(String) here.

IMO that would be more important than this.

And in any case I don't see why this is solved only for local files.

I am *not* asking for that right now. I am asking if the existing Toolkit APIs can load a multi-res image and if not, why not and can we fix that instead ..


On 8/24/16, 9:36 AM, Alexander Scherbatiy wrote:


Could you review the fix:
  bug: https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8163854
  webrev: http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~alexsch/8163854/webrev.00

The public API which allows to load an image with resolution variants based on the provided media resolution naming scheme is added:
  - Toolkit.MediaResolutionNamingScheme class
- Toolkit.getImageUsingNamingSchemes(String fileName, MediaResolutionNamingScheme... namingSchemes)

A simple example for images which use naming scheme @150pct for scale 1.5 and @2x for scale 2 is:

    Toolkit toolkit = Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit();
    Image image = toolkit.getImageUsingNamingSchemes(fileName,
            new Toolkit.MediaResolutionNamingScheme(“@150pct”, 1.5f),
            new Toolkit.MediaResolutionNamingScheme(“@2x", 2f)


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