This looks wrong to me. Shouldn't the logic look like the one you have earlier in
the file ? ie this :

1271 JobSheets jobSheets = (JobSheets)attributes.get(JobSheets.class);
1272         if (jobSheets != null) {
1273             noJobSheet = jobSheets == JobSheets.NONE;
1274         } else {
1275             JobSheets js = (JobSheets)getPrintService().
1276 getDefaultAttributeValue(JobSheets.class);
1277             if (js != null && js.equals(JobSheets.NONE)) {
1278                 noJobSheet = true;
1279             }
1280         }

As it is your new code seems to completely disregard any  setting by
the application in the attribute set - which *does not* have anything to do with
whether a dialog was set.

Also I reject that this can be a TCK failure.
"I got a banner page" is something that can be a system configuration
parameter and is wholly outside anything JCK can (or should) care about.
You could fix this but it could then behave the same on a different system.
In fact my reading of the bug is simply that they noticed this when running
a TCK test. That does not make it a TCK failure.
I have removed the tck labels from the bug and JCK can argue with me if they want to ..


On 9/16/16, 3:21 AM, Prasanta Sadhukhan wrote:
Hi All,

Please review a fix for a tck failure in jdk9 whereby "banner page" (cover page) is printed by default when print() is called directly without any print dialog being shown.


Issue was in RasterPrinterJob, "noJobSheet" variable was set to false which when passed to PSPrinterJob#printExecCmd(), it results in adding "-o job-sheets=standard" to lpr command and
therefore, Banner page was getting printed by default.
Proposed fix is to check for defaultAttributeValue for JobSheets attribute so that we can find what is the default value reported by underlying platform and set "noJobSheet" value to default jobsheet native value (like CUPS report job-sheet=none so that no banner page is to be printed by default even though it supports jobsheet)

I tested "6575247:Banner checkbox in PrinterJob print dialog doesn't work" testcase in windows, solaris, linux and it works as expected.

JCK test api/javax_swing/interactive/PrintTest.html#PrintTest via command
"/jdk-9/bin/java -showversion -cp /root/jck/JCK-runtime-9/classes: -platform.hasPrinter true -TestCaseID ALL"
also works ie no banner page is printed by default.


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