On 10/13/2016 12:22 PM, Laurent Bourgès wrote:


I looked at openpisces enhancements in compare to pisces I forked in 2013.6 and noticed at least 2 important changes:
- Dasher initialization: handle too small phase
- Stroker: new cases for parallel directions between control points in quad / cubic curve subdivision

I plan to upgrade Marlin in jdk9 to integrate those improvements.
Is there OpenJFX bugs and tests to reproduce those complex situations ?

Between FX having multiple source code restructuring, open-sourcing losing history and
a change from not always using bug ids in the commit through a change in
bug system .. and no strict requirements about regression tests it might be
challenging to identify the bugs under which such changes were made.
Maybe Jim can help a bit since he may have made or at least reviewed those changes.


Do you know other changes I should look at ?

PS: this work is more a backport of bug fixes than enhancements to be accepted in jdk9, isn't it ?

I think it is still acceptable for 9.


Thanks for your feedback,

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