The fix seems fine but like the other review I wonder if
the test can use a bytearrayoutputstream instead of writing to a file.


On 04/11/2018 03:51 AM, Jayathirth D V wrote:

Hello All,

Please review the following fix in JDK11 :

Bug :

Webrev : <>

_Issue:_ PNGImageWriter. write_bKGD() function sets incorrect R, G, B value when IHDR colortype and bKGD colortype is PNG_COLOR_RGB(A).

_Solution:_ Assign values to all channels of RGB as they are present in Metadata instead of using only bKGD red value.

_Note_ : Our default metadata doesn’t set any bKGD chunk but if user specifies bKGD chunk and uses mergeTree() then we check bKGD R, G, B values and if r == g == b then we store bKGD chunk as of type PNG_COLOR_GRAY.



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