Hey 313ers!


Detroit's quite awesome Jacktone Records was kind enough to have us guest
on their radio show this week, we were happy to be there! Jacktone has been
putting out some great releases the last few years, if you haven't already
do check them out.

This episode: "We take a step back from Techno oriented mixes and explore a
range of 70s and 80s synth sounds and moods. Smooth, rough, mellow, angry,
even a bit of cheese. We're hitting everything from haunting devotional
Krishna music to synth pioneer Patrick Cowley's instrumental soundtracks
for 80's gay porn films. We make a few Italian New Wave pit stops along the
way along with modern takes on telephone hold muzak and other oddities.
Hope you enjoy!"

Alice Coltrane - Krishna Krishna [Avatar Book Institute] [1982]
MarcoAntonio Spaventi ‎– Undisclosed Intermezzo [M>O>S] [2016]
Odi Mi - Three Different Crystal Therapies [Jacktonerecords] [2015]
Japan - Ghosts [Epic] [1982]
Midori Takada - Crossing [RCA Red Seal] [1983]
Voices From The Lake - Max [Editions Mego] [2015]
Trevor Jackson - 300 Words [The Vinyl Factory] [2015]
Sam Kidel ‎– Disruptive Muzak [Death of Rave] [2016]
Vangelis - Wait for Me [1982]
Macintosh Plus - リサフランク420 / 現代のコンピュー [Beer on the Rug] [2011]
Patrick Cowley - Somebody to Love Tonight [1980] [Dark Entries] [2015
Andy Stott - Butterfly [Modern Love] [2016]
The Human League - Being Boiled [EMI] [1978]
Eurythmics - I Did It Just The Same [Virgin] [1984]
Kirlian Camera - News [Italian] [1981]
Neon - Lobotomy [Materiali Sonori] [1982]
YMO - La Femme Chinoise [A&M] [1979]
Space - Magic Fly [1977]
Propaganda - Frozen Faces [1985]
Front 242 - Controversy Between [Wax Trax!] [1987]
Cetu Javu - Situations [Techno Drome] [1988]
Fatima Yamaha - What's a Girl to Do? [Dekmantel] [2015]

(full disclosure, I only found out after using this Fatima track that this
guy is kind of a wanker....)


Double Whammy: We've also got a very special treat hitting on Monday: a
label retrospective for the legendary Prelude Records ['76-'86]. Stay tuned!


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