Hello all

There was a weekly "net cast" called "Submerge, The Show" on the internet in 
1998. I tuned in every week for a while, and there were interviews with Keith 
Tucker and Thomas Barnett.

I found this website which has a bit more info confirming the existence of the 


"Javier Drada would team up with Dave Manic in order to convey Underground 
Music once more to the masses via “Submerge, the Show”. Submerge The Show's 
main assignment then would be to provide a full Underground Assault on the 
perpetrators of the Underground Detroit scene. Set out to re-educate the lost 
masses, Submerge, the Show became home to Mike Banks of UR, UR member DJ 
Rolando a.k.a. The Aztec Mystic, Damon Wild of Synewave, Mike Grant of Moods & 
Grooves, Alan Oldham a.k.a. DJ T1000 of Pure Sonik, Sean Deason of Matrix, DJ 
Marquis of Upstart Records, Norm Talley, DJ K-1 a.k.a. Keith Tucker of Puzzle 
Box, DJ KAOB of The Microknox, The Source, Larry Head a.k.a Mr. Fingers, Thomas 
Barnett and The Black FU of Visillusion."

A friend recalls me taping the show for him as he didn't have a computer to 
listen in. Sadly neither of us have any recording of it. I've tried searching 
the internet for any sign of the show, but there's barely any trace of it.

Anyone with any more info on the show, or any recordings?

Let me know.




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