I find myself forgetting all the time that music is an expression. As a DJ
we far too often judge a record by structure and if it doesn't measure up
to the structure of other songs it gets left behind at the store or home
instead of in our record bags where they belong. The uniformity was
different back in the 80's where the long blends weren't as prominent. We
should all be more daring with our selections but it's as if something
won't let us.

Looking behind the curtain is one of the greatest compliments an artist can
have. It means that what they have accomplished boggled some minds when in
most cases it's something simple but unthought of by most. Omar S. is who
got me back in to producing. I bought one of his first works at a
distributor that wasn't going to carry it because it didn't fit the mold. A
little awkward to mix with but once you learned it, it worked out great. I
stopped obsessing about technicalities and expressed myself.

Much LOVE to Detroit you are all so special to me more than you know!

On Wed, Apr 28, 2021 at 7:07 PM kent williams <chaircrus...@gmail.com>

> I think how you look at things like that article depends on your point of
> view. I'm a musician and fascinated by musical structure & process. So
> it's a way of thinking about music more analytically, but it doesn't take
> away from my enjoyment of the music.
> Plus, analyzing Drexciya just tells you "forget the formula, find your
> groove, and express it live, even if you're off the grid of conventional
> dance music."
> No one can make Drexciya from a simplified recipe.  It doesn't take away
> from the magic to look behind the curtain.
> On Wed, Apr 28, 2021 at 6:52 PM Philip McGarva <philipmcga...@gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> I gotta say those ‘deconstructed’ articles kind of depress me but I guess
>> you gotta keep the content up somehow. I spent years obsessing over MK’s hi
>> hats and that was much more fun than a 15 minute tutorial 🙂
>> Don’t get me started on their logo t-shirts 🙄 Is this all we got left?

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